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Activities from Feb 2020 to Oct 2020

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Activities from Feb 2020 to Oct 2020

In the past six months since the coronavirus pandemic took place, the ICHARS Support Foundation has been actively initiating multiple non-profit activities. These activities focusing on not just creating awareness about mental health but also helping and supporting the mental health providers.

Activities Organised:

No.ActivityAudiencePlaceResource People
1PysTalks with PsychologistsMembers on FbFacebook LiveICHARS Team
2PsyTalks with TeachersMembers on FbFacebook LiveICHARS Team
3NGO talksMembers on FbFacebook LiveICHARS Team
4Hopelessness to Hope: A talk on Suicide Prevention dayOpen for allZoomICHARS Team
5How to scale and generate new clients without having to deplete resourcesOpen for allZoomICHARS Team
6Life talks with spiritual guidesMembers on FbFacebook LiveICHARS Team
7Visit MHPMembers on FbFacebook LiveICHARS Team

In the coming months, we plan to organize a larger volunteer network, conduct a lot more activities, and also tie up with existing NGOs working in the area of mental health. If you would like to connect with us for more details about our current activities and future plans, do feel free to call us on +91-7304448010 or send us an email at info@ichars.foundation