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Free Therapy for Research

There are different behavioural and emotional issues that people deal with in their lives. ICHARS Support Foundation as an individual entity explores different approaches and therapy processes that can be used with individuals to help them manage various issues and challenges faced by them, thereby helping them manage their emotional state.

As a part of the Visit MHP initiative, we intend to address these various issues with our interventions through community research projects. We are looking at researching and documenting the efficacy of the various approaches and therapy processes thereby understanding the validity of these techniques.

One such initiative by Visit MHP is the Anxiety Counselling Drive scheduled to begin from the 2nd week of January 2022. Through this drive, we intend to touch base with people who are battling mild and severe anxiety. Apply our tested hypnotic therapy approaches to either reduce or eliminate the anxiety.

Anxiety Counselling Drive

Every New Year we make umpteen resolutions. Resolutions related to our lifestyle, habits, following our passion, and so on. Some of which we live up to or keep up and some we fail to. 

We all face issues in our day-to-day lives. Issues big or small may lead to mild or severe anxiety and can hamper our lives to a great extent. This New Year, we urge you to include your mental health in your list of resolutions! 

If you or any of your loved ones are dealing with issues that are holding them back and not allowing them to progress then we have the perfect New Year Gift for you!

Combat Anxiety in 6 weeks

ICHARS in collaboration with VISIT MHP has launched a drive for people who cannot reach out to a mental health practitioner because they find it cost-prohibitive. This is free for all drive, and anyone who enrols gets 6 one on one 60 minute counselling sessions with an ICHARS trained mental health practitioner. 

The entire package worth INR 21,000/-, comes with a small price of commitment, and to ensure this, the organization charges INR 3,000/- as a one-time amount before starting the counselling. Once the person finishes all the stipulated sessions, within the given time frame, the money deposited is returned without any deductions

To join, click on https://forms.gle/aLrtynL4vUF32Dmz8

Some of the symptoms for anxiety are:-

👉 Heart palpitations

👉 Difficulty in sleeping

👉 Unnecessary fear of things

👉 Restlessness

👉 Sweaty palms

👉 Breathlessness

👉 Pain in chest

👉 Procrastination

And much more…

➡ If this is happening to you after an argument

➡ If this is happening to you when a close one is not around

➡If this is happening to you when you are left to fend for yourself

➡If this is happening to someone whom you know

If you are wondering the why and how of it and cannot find any answers….register today!

Take a tour of our website www.ichars.com to know more.


How will the session be conducted?

The sessions will be conducted online over a zoom call.

What will the duration of the sessions be?

These will be 1 hour weekly sessions. The issue/ challenge can be addressed over 6 such sessions. However, in some cases a few more sessions may be required.

How much money will I have to spend?

Zero. A refundable amount of Rs.3,000/- (Rs.500 per session) should be deposited at the beginning of the therapy sessions. This is simply to ensure that the person is committed to the program. On completion of 6 sessions the entire amount of Rs.3,000/- will be refunded. 

Will I get to choose my coach/ therapist?

All registrations will be handled by experienced and proficient coaches and therapists trained by ICHARS. 

How can I be sure that after these sessions my anxiety will get cured?

You can’t be sure! But you can surely be sure that without taking the sessions your anxiety will definitely not be cured. As the amount paid in the beginning is refundable, it is purely an investment of time. Based on our past experiences we have witnessed a high number of our clients’ situations improve. However, you will have to join us and be committed to the process to experience a change.

How can we connect to the therapist after the sessions are over?

The contact coordinates of your therapist will be shared with you before the beginning of your session. You can reach your therapist even after the completion of these sessions.

Do these sessions only deal with anxiety or any other issues as well?

This drive is mainly focusing on people dealing with anxiety.