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For Teens

The workshop focuses on not just creating awareness about psychological and physical changes that take place in teenage but also learn ways to deal with the resulting mental and emotional challenges, through interesting and interactive playful activities.

Some Challenges faced by Teenagers

  • Inability to understand the physical and psychological changes taking place due to puberty
  • Role confusion: Whether they are adults or still kids
  • Stress related to exams and studies
  • Peer Pressure and a perceived lack of support.
  • ¬†Excessive influence of social media and mass media
  • ¬†Inability to manage thoughts and emotions.
  • Issues related to time management

Topics of workshop

  • Model of Mind
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Memory Techniques
  • Puberty and personal hygiene
  • Environment and activities
  • Stress management
  • Wrap up session

Based on the above topics, customized workshops can also be created based on the requirements of the schools and colleges.

Join us

ICHARS invites you to be a part of the support group that specially caters the needs of budding entrepreneurs who are committed towards achieving their goals.

Support Group Form

As a part of the group, there would be a trained mental health practitioner who would provide professional intervention if required.