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Support Group for

Emotional Eaters

3rd Tuesday, every month

3 pm to 5 pm
ICHARS Center, Bungalow no. 11, Aaram Nagar part 2, Versova, Andheri west, Mumbai, Maharashtra

What is Emotional Eating?

Emotional eating refers to overeating without even sometimes realising or knowing that they’re overeating because of emotions like anger, sadness, loneliness, stress…. This often leads to weight gain and may further cause other weight related health issues.

Food releases a few chemicals, like serotonin, in our brain which make us feel happy. At times when we are going through negative emotions, we turn towards comforting foods.

Objectives of Support group

  • Helping people with similar problems of overeating because of emotional issues.
  • Discuss strategies to deal with overeating.
  • Learning to deal with dysfunctional emotions.
  • To share with and learn from people walking a similar journey as you.
  • Knowing the how’s and why’s of overeating.
  • Learning to help each other manage weight.

Join us

ICHARS invites you to be a part of the support group that specially caters the needs of budding entrepreneurs who are committed towards achieving their goals.

Support Group Form

As a part of the group, there would be a trained mental health practitioner who would provide professional intervention if required.

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