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Support Group for

Mental Health Practitioners

Every Tuesday or Saturday

6.45 pm to 8.15 pm
Online via group video meeting

Creating a Support Grid for those
who are dedicated to support others

Working as a Mental Health Practitioner is at times like a roller coaster ride.
There are the highs and then there are also the lows.
The high of a client getting well and then there are the challenges…

Some Challenges faced by Mental Health Practitioners

  • Lack of jobs
  • Lack of practical experience
  • Lack of mentorship and support
  • High cost of starting a private practice
  • Lack of awareness about marketing strategies
  • Stigma associated to mental health
  • Absence of a regulatory body
  • And a lot more…

During this roller coaster ride...

There are times when one feels the need to have someone that they can share these challenges and joys with. 

Imagine if you were a part of a group where there were people who shared similar challenges and joy, people who can support you and whom you can support during this journey.

The support group gives us an opportunity to provide help and assistance to each other in order to overcome these different challenges and grow together.

Welcome all fellow mental health practitioners...

Become part of
a support group
specially dedicated to you.

A group that focuses on the
professional and personal growth
of mental health practitioners.


A platform by the practitioners for the practitioners, where they can share:

  • Problems
  • Experiences
  • Success stories
  • Ethical Issues


Only Practising Mental Health Professionals

Join us

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Psychologists Support Group
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These Support groups are only for Practising Psychologists or Psychology Students Pursuing their Masters. Check out the other support groups we have that you can join and benefit from.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is a free initiative

ICHARS Support Foundation is a non-profit organisation funded by ICHARS. If you would like to support the initiative in any form kindly contact us at +91-8080208473 or feel free to donate using the link in the header.

No, only those who are working professional in Mental Health field.

If you would like us to create a support group for psychology students, kindly let us know the specific objective and we will be more than happy to help.

No, people belonging to any age group are welcome.

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