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Support Group for

Startups and Entrepreneurs

2nd Sunday, every month

3 pm to 5 pm
ICHARS Center, Bungalow no. 11, Aaram Nagar part 2, Versova, Andheri west, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Being a budding entrepreneur and starting your own firm seems glamorous career choice and in many ways it actually is. But this initial excitement could be coupled with mental exhaustion, making even simple tasks seem insurmountable.

Some Challenges faced by new Entrepreneurs

  • Fear of failure
  • Initial lack of support
  • Stress of idea not getting executed
  • Stress of dealing with already established competitors
  • Challenges related to hiring and team management

We understand the challenges faced by Startups

We at ICHARS have gone through the same journey that most startups go through. We understand the different challenges that people face when they start a new business or begin their journey as an entrepreneur. In recognition of these different challenges, ICHARS has initiated a free monthly support group where all budding entrepreneurs can come to share and discuss about different challenges that they face.
It would also give you an opportunity to provide help and assistance to each other in order to overcome these different challenges and grow in your respective fields.
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Objectives of Support group

  • Enable you to feel less alone and realise that all startups are very challenging.
  • Help you identify your fears and how they might be unconsciously driving you
  • Managing and overcoming emotional challenges faced during this journey.
  • To share with and learn from people walking a similar journey as you.
  • Identifying and developing strategies and coping skills so that your startup can be more manageable.
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Join us

ICHARS invites you to be a part of the support group that specially caters the needs of budding entrepreneurs who are committed towards achieving their goals.

Support Group Form

As a part of the group, there would be a trained mental health practitioner who would provide professional intervention if required.

All workshops and support group Schedule

Every Wednesday 2 pm to 6 pm at ICHARS Center Mumbai More details

Upcoming dates to be announced soon…

Support GroupWeekDayTime
Actors3rdMonday5 pm to 7 pm
Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching and PsychotherapyEveryWednesday10 am to 2 pm
Emotional Eaters3rdTuesday3 pm to 5 pm
Post Separation / Divorce1stTuesday3 pm to 5pm
Start Ups2ndSunday3 pm to 5 pm
Mental Health Practitioners1stMonday3 pm to 5 pm
2ndSaturday3 pm to 5 pm
Trainers2ndTuesday10 am to 12.30 pm
2ndSunday10 am to 12.30 pm
Life Coaches2ndSunday3 pm to 5 pm
NLP Practice3rdSaturday2 pm to 5 pm