ICHARS Suppport Foundation


Ongoing Projects/Causes

Project Rainshine

Training and mentoring staff of NGOs with skills to provide mental health first aid to their beneficiaries and connect them to mental health practitioners (trained by ICHARS) to offer advanced mental health support where required.

Visit MHP initiative

An initiative to create a shift in the perception around visiting a mental health practitioner from overcoming psychological disorders to achieving and sustaining mental emotional and behavioral wellbeing.

Project Mahek

MEHAK (Mental and Emotional Health Awareness through Knowledge) is an initiative to facilitate the destigmatizing of mental health, creating awareness about the importance of mental health and providing effective tools and techniques that can be applied by people at large to stay emotionally and mentally healthy.

Project YES

Youth for Emotional Support is an important initiative that focuses on training youth with two primary skills that support the creation and sustenance of a happier, healthier society. These skills include:
~ Managing their own thoughts and emotions
~ Providing emotional first aid to friends and family

What Next

Subsidized Online Therapy

We are currently in the process of providing structured, step-by-step training to professionals who will soon be offering subsidized online therapy via the visitmhp platform to people from marginalized sections of society.

Project Happiness

Based on the incredible response we have received to the TruTalks live series, we will soon be initiating a weekly activity-based hypnotic happiness project to help you integrate the learnings naturally and effectively.


We will also be soon starting a podcast on mental health. The podcast will focus on helping people get practical structured tools, techniques that they can use in their lives to manage their mental and emotional state.

Feedback and Suggestion Box

We truly believe that amazing ideas can come from anyone and at any time. For this reason, we will soon be adding a suggestion box to this website. We would love your suggestions about what should we focus on next.

Past Projects

Offline Workshops

Before the pandemic, ICHARS support foundation conducted multiple workshops focusing on mental and emotional wellbeing both at an individual level and in connection with other NGOs

Charitable Clinic

Before the pandemic, at our registered office, every week we were offering in-person therapy session at a highly subsidized cost to people from marginalized sections of society

COVID 19 Support Groups

We have been conducting weekly COVID19 support groups for people experiencing anxiety, stress, fear, and other related emotions as a result of the pandemic. These support groups are now giving way to Project Mahek, Project Yes, and the Talk it out groups

Knowledge Series

During this pandemic, we have organized and conducted multiple free knowledge series. TruTalks focused on Practical tips for Happy Living, NGOTalks for highlighting the positive work being done by different NGOs, and PsyTalks for helping Psychologists develop advanced skills