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Project Rainshine

Enabling NGOs around the world to offer quality and sustainable mental health services to their end beneficiaries

The idea

Together we can

Creating and promoting a sustainable ecosystem where NGOs can work together to support each other in their mission and providing the highest benefit to their beneficiaries

Why you should

Partner with us

Individually we can do a lot but together we can do a lot more and with greater efficiency

Sustainable Partnerships

We teach and impart skills to existing staff of NGOs on Mental Health which is longstanding and beneficial. You may not be dependent on a team of therapists or counselors. Your own team gets trained to provide emotional first aid and mental health assistance 24*7

Beneficiaries Wellbeing

Along with the existing services that partner NGO is offering to its beneficiaries, it can now offer an additional service related to mental health assistance. This further enhances its portfolio and enables the NGO to make sustainable change in the lives of its beneficiaries

Long term model

There is a hierarchy of people and a hierarchy of workforce that keeps getting trained in providing Mental Health assistance right from professionals to caregivers so that continuity and longevity are maintained. This also helps new organization that would like to create an internal team

Cost benefit/Cost effective

Many mental health challenges faced by your beneficiaries are resolved by your team without having to invest in external professionals, as your staff members/caretakers/caregivers are trained to offer services in-house through structured training and ongoing guidance

Thank you for the

Amazing work you do

We understand the various struggles that an NGO has to go through while pursuing its mission to support its beneficiaries by providing various services

But Mental Health is one of the

Biggest challenge

Stopping the NGOs from being able to help their beneficiaries become self-sufficient

Why NGOs need to focus on

Mental Health of beneficiaries

In spite of the support provided by NGOs, beneficiaries who are facing mental and emotional challenges are not able to:

  1. Focus and Concentrate
  2. Perform well
  3. Hold on to Jobs
  4. Follow the guidelines/rules
  5. Maintain healthy relationships
  6. Take responsibility for their actions and
  7. Make the best use of the support provided by the NGO

If you are an NGO, looking to make a difference

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