ICHARS Suppport Foundation

Project Yes

Youth for Emotional Support is an free internship initiative that focuses on helping youth develop skills that enable them to:
  1. Manage their mental and emotional state effectively
  2. Provide emotional first aid to friends and family
  3. Become a mental health influencer/ambassador

The Problem

Youth and Mental Health

Most youth today experience more stress than they are equipped to handle. There is increased pressure due to studies, relationships, work, and now social media

There is a lack of mental health awareness and understanding among the youth regarding mental health and emotional support for self and others.

College education ignores one of the most important skills that are required not just for success but for living an overall happier, healthier and fulfilling lives

The Solution

Project Yes

Empowering Youth as the makers of change for today and tomorrow!

Emotional Skills Training

Creating a chain of trained individuals who can foster mental, behavioural and emotional wellbeing for themselves and for others in the times of emotional turmoil.

Mental Health Ambassadors Progam

Helping individuals develop the skills to become a mental health influencer and responsibly create awareness about mental health and well-beings along with benefits of seeking timely help when required.

Mental Health Ambassadors Program includes

Become a mental health influencer

  • Develop public speaking skills and experience
  • Conduct online mental and emotional health support groups
  • Create a safe space and Host Talk it Out sessions 
  • Host live sessions on social media platforms
  • Create persuasive engaging content
  • Learn to do collaborative work with your fellow participants

Additional Benefits

  • An addendum to your resume for University applications
  • Learn to prepare a resume that highlights your social contributions
  • Enhance mental and emotional well-being
    • Access exclusive group sessions by experts
    • Access to Free therapy sessions

Emotional Skills Training includes

First aid mental and emotional health care for self

Specialized, structured training program to help youth develop advanced practical skills for understanding and expressing their emotions constructively and managing their thoughts and emotions effectively

First aid mental and emotional health care for friends and family

Helping youth learn how to recognize the signs that someone around them is experiencing an emotional challenge, what are the do’s and dont’s when they notice these signs along with the steps they can take to guide the concerned person to seek help from a professional


Additional Details

  • 6-month online internship including:
    • 1-month training (every Monday to Friday 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm)
    • 5 months of practical experience in creating a positive shift in the lives of people

On the completion of the program, you would receive an internship certificate mentioning the activities you have done as a Mental Health Ambassador during the period of the internship.

  • School students from class X onwards
  • Undergraduate students 
  • Post-graduate students
  • Mental health practitioners
  • Click the apply now button below
  • Fill out the google form
  • Join the WhatsApp group (link on the google form)
  • Attend internship orientation
  • Interview with our team
  • If selected, join the training
  • Conduct mental health awareness activities and submit report