ICHARS Support Foundation

Visit MHP initiative

Creating a shift in the way people perceive the idea of visiting a mental health practitioner: From dealing with disorders TO achieving and sustaining psychological well-being.

The Idea

Why wait for a Disorder

The best way to spread awareness about the importance of mental and emotional health is by combining practical tools and techniques with the appropriate knowledge of where and how to use these techniques.

Visit MHP Helpline

The objective of this toll-free helpline is to enable people at large to find out how consulting a mental health practitioner can help them overcome their specific challenges or set and achieve their desired outcomes

Free Live sessions and webinars

The objective of these free sessions and webinars is to discuss the specific challenges and goals that different sets of people have and how consulting a mental health practitioner can help them overcome these challenges and achieve their goals

Pledge to Visit MHP

Encouraging people to take a pledge that they are open to seeking support from a mental health practitioner whenever they need help in achieving their outcome or resolving a challenge that they are experiencing for more than a few days.

Visit MHP Challenge

Involving more and more people in this initiative by encouraging them to make public posts on their social profiles about the benefits of visiting a mental health practitioner, sharing their experiences, and encouraging their friends to do the same

Practitioners Directory

A directory of mental health practitioners with details about the location of practice, specialization, contact details made available so that people who wish to consult a practitioner can find the relevant details and connect to the right practitioner

Support group for Practitioners

Mental health practitioners themselves need support and mentorship so that they can continue to learn from their peers, develop advanced skills, and address any challenges they face. Our free support groups are created exactly to do the same.

Free Therapy Session for Research

There are different behavioral and emotional issues that people deal with in their lives. ICHARS Support Foundation as an individual entity explores different approaches and therapy processes that can be used with individuals to help them manage various issues and challenges faced by them, thereby helping them manage their emotional state.

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Visiting a Mental Health Practitioner