ICHARS Suppport Foundation


Get an opportunity to build your resume while contributing your time and efforts towards creating a world that fosters mental and emotional growth.

The volunteer opportunity is for people who are looking at applying their existing skills. You will not be receiving any training but will have a support system to help and guide you in activities that you are volunteering for.

If you are interested in getting trained to become a mental health influencer, then you must check out the internship opportunity offered as a part of our Project Yes.

Opportunities Available

We provide volunteering opportunities, helping talented candidates across the world apply their skills towards creating the world that is conducive to mental and emotional wellbeing.
Content writing for Blogs, Research, Social Media
Graphic Design for website and social media​
Social Media for posting and strategizing​
Public Relation and Media Outreach​
Crowd Funding and Fund Raising​
Video Editing and animations​
Get more details and apply to the opportunity that resonates with you

Check the roles and responsibilities of each available opportunity

Frequently Asked Questions

ICHARS-SF has been operating virtually since April 2020 and our volunteering opportunities are also fully virtual as a result!

The application is a 4 step process. Please see below:

  1. Online Application
    Check out the details about available opportunites at internshala and apply to the ones that you resonate with
  2. Orientation
    If your application is shortlisted you will be invited for an online orientation program by one of our volunteer manager. The program focuses on helping you receive a more personalised introduction to the various activities and projects initiated by ICHARS Support Foundation.
  3. Interviews
    Next you can select the projects and the activities that you would like to volunteer for or contribute to as a part of your internship and go through a final online interview which will be set up by the Volunteer Manager at a mutually convenient time.
  4. Final steps
    If you have been successful at the interview stage the Volunteer Manager will send you an email acceptance with further instructions.
By contributing your skills and expertise, you will strengthen and endorse the amazing work being done to create a sustainable ecosystem that promotes mental wellbeing. You should apply if:
  • You are passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of people around
  • You are planning to study abroad and want to boost your resume
  • You want to inspire people to live a happier, healthier and a more fulfilling life

Sustainable change in perception and mindset required to remove stigma, takes persistent effort over a period of time. Meticulous planning and execution of a project requires time especially when we strive to do so to do the best of our capacity.

Normally we only take on volunteers/interns who can commit to a minimum of three months, in order for the volunteer and the organisation to get the most out of the virtual volunteering experience.

On a daily basis, except in case of crowdfunding volunteers, you are expected to give around an hour for this volunteership.

Applications are open all year round. Ideally, a candidate would apply to be a volunteer about 1 month before they would like to start their placement.

At ICHARS-SF we use online workplaces like facebook groups, google meet, restream and Zoom to create a cohesive virtual working environment. The same applies to the partners we work with and the projects we take on.

Usually, you will be assigned to one of ICHARS-SF’s ongoing projects. What you do within that project will depend on your learning objectives and the opportunities available during your time at ICHARS-SF.

For details about each volunteer/internship opportunity, do check the specific opportunity on internshala or connectfor platforms.