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Activity Report for Feb 2023

60 hrs internship/ Eclectic Approach to Psychotherapy

Program – Online internship to a conceptual understanding of the eclectic approach to psychotherapy

No of interns – 24 interns between the period of 1st February to 15th March.

eclectic internship

Duration – 60-hour internship program (i.e., for six weeks). We have new batches that are commenced during the first week of every month.


Visit MHP is an initiative to Spread awareness about the importance of visiting a mental health practitioner even before reaching the stage of disorders and offer Peer Support to Practitioners with free training programs, structured mentorship & a lot more.

Support group

Case discussions

Topic – Case discussions (doubts and session flow details clarified for coaches & therapists who seek help with their ongoing cases)

Conducted By: Mr. Nitin Shah


Beneficiary – Practicing psychologists and coaches

No of participants – 15 participants

No. of sessions – 1

Date – 14th February 2023

Duration – 1 – 1 & half hours (monthly one session)

ir doubts and queries. 


Topic – Metaphors-Diagnostic & Therapeutic

Conducted By: Ms. Ritu Bhatt

Beneficiary – Practicing psychologists

No of participants – 22 Participants 

No. of sessions – 1 (per month)

Date- 28th February 2023

Duration – 1 – 1 & half hours (monthly one session)