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15 Styles of Thinking

  • 12/07/2019

Our thoughts are like an inner voice which we can either speak, write or communicate. Sometimes due to certain experiences in early childhood, culture,...

Do you have high functioning depression ?

  • 27/06/2019

In today’s world, we normally see things as black and white. We forget the different shades that lie in between these two shades and...

Why Things Take Time and What You Can Do About It?

  • 17/06/2019

“I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.” – Abraham Lincoln   Not seeing results? Feel like giving up? Consider this: the last thing...

7 Stages of a Break-Up

  • 24/06/2019

Breaking up is a hard thing to go through. It feels like torture. And almost everyone, who has had their heart broken, has undergone...

Importance of Mental Healthcare

  • 19/04/2018

Mental Healthcare is a very important, yet one of the most ignored aspects of life. We go to doctors for our physical ailments, but...

Do you have these myths about mental health?

  • 19/04/2018

Here is a list of common myths related to Mental Health Myth 1. All the people who visit therapists and psychiatrists are mad, harmful...