ICHARS Suppport Foundation

Activity Report for Sept 2023

60 hrs internship/ Eclectic Approach to Psychotherapy

Program – Online internship to a conceptual understanding of the eclectic approach to psychotherapy

No of interns – 29 interns between the period of 1st September to 15th October 2023.

Duration – 60-hour internship program (i.e., for six weeks). We have new batches that are commenced during the first week of every month.


Visit MHP is an initiative to Spread awareness about the importance of visiting a mental health practitioner even before reaching the stage of disorders and offer Peer Support to Practitioners with free training programs, structured mentorship & a lot more.

Support group

Case discussions

Topic – Case discussions (doubts and session flow details clarified for coaches and therapists who seek help with their ongoing cases)

Conducted By: Mr. Nitin Shah

case disc - sept 2023

Beneficiary – Practicing psychologists and coaches

No of participants – 16 participants

No. of sessions – 1 Date – 12th September 2023

Duration – 1 – 1 & half hours (monthly one session)


Topic – Careers in Psychology

Platform- Youtube CareerNaksha channel

Conducted By: Shivani Yadav

Beneficiary – Practicing psychologists and psychology students

Date- 13th September 2023 Duration – 1 hours

Topic -Mind-Body Connection in Mental Health.

Conducted By: Ms.Jasmine Randhawa

Beneficiary – Practicing psychologists

No of participants – 18 Participants

webinar sep 2023

No. of sessions – 1 (per month)

Date- 26th Sept 2023

Duration – 1 – 1 & half hours (monthly one session)

Topic – Resume Writing

Platform: ISF YouTube channel

Conducted By: Nidhi Pandey

Beneficiary – Practicing psychologists and psychology students

Date- 27th September 2023 Duration – 1 hours

Project MEHAK

Workshop conducted  for SOSVA (Society for Service to Voluntary Agencies)

1-Session 4: On 16th September 2023

Session Conducted by: Ms. Ranjeet and Ms. Jyoti

The workshops were well received by the participants and provided them with valuable information and tools to help them with unhygienic conditions that were impacting their Mental Health such as low confidence, low self-esteem, loneliness, stress, etc. which were discussed during the session.. The ICHARS Support Foundation is committed to continuing to provide these types of workshops to the members of the NGO SOSVA and other organizations in the future.

Topic: Teasing and Creating Chaos in Relation to Mental Health

No. of participants: 7 (Student both girls and boys)

mental health in kids

Age group: 10 – 13 yrs.

No. of sessions: 1

Duration: 60 min (each session) 

Workshops conducted  for Udyan Care:

1-Session 1: On 21st September 2023

Session Conducted by: Ms. Ranjeet and Ms. Jyoti

Topic: Emotional Health

No. of participants: 35

Age group: 8-12yrs

No. of sessions: 1

Duration: 60 min (each session) 

2-Session 2: On 28th September 2023

Session Conducted by: Ms.Nidhi roy, Ms. Vedangi

Topic: Emotional Health

No. of participants: 41

Age group: 13-17yrs

No. of sessions: 1

Duration: 60 min (each session)


ICHARS Support Foundation (ISF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a holistic system that connects, supports, and enables all the stakeholders in the mental health landscape. 

The Healing Dove Foundation (HDF) works towards achieving and establishing sustainable strategies that facilitate the psychosocial and economic reformation and rehabilitation of marginalized communities in India and across the world.

To spread awareness about mental health , both organizations jointly started a series of Insta Live, every alternate  Saturday at 10 am.

As a part of this initiative there was a series of “LIVE” conducted, in the month of August, on mental health and mental well-being.

Live Topic : Emotional Intelligence

Date: 30th September 2023

Time: 10 AM

Host: Nidhi Pandey

emotional intelligence

Guest for mental health : Omkar Pawar

Live platform : ICHARS Support Foundation

The Instagram Live event centered on the topic of Emotional Intelligence was a captivating and insightful experience that shed light on the importance of this crucial skill in our daily lives. The session delved into the various aspects of emotional intelligence. Viewers were encouraged to engage actively with the content, ask questions, and share their own experiences, fostering a sense of community and support around this vital aspect of personal growth and interpersonal relationships. The Instagram Live session served as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to develop their emotional intelligence and better navigate the complexities of human emotions.