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Do you have these myths about mental health?

Here is a list of common myths related to Mental Health

Myth 1. All the people who visit therapists and psychiatrists are mad, harmful and violent:

Fact: There might be some severe cases where people with mental health issue turn violent or inflict harm to others; however not all of them are like that. In fact many may harm themselves rather others.

Myth 2. Everyone who visits a therapist or a psychiatrist ends up in an asylum.

Fact: Most of the people who visit therapists or psychiatrists live in society. With support and appropriate guidance; people comfortably lead productive lives. There could be a few cases where an individual may have to be sent to a hospital for better treatment.

Myth 3. There is no hope for people with mental health issue and it is a lifelong burden

Fact: This is untrue. Like in case of physical issues, some get easily cured, some take time and there are some which may need regular monitoring. The impact of some disorders with right guidance, counselling and medication (in many cases) on a person’s life can be minimized. Most of the people recover completely; they lead productive and satisfying lives.

Myth 4. There is no relapse once your issue is solved

Fact: Relapse can occur in certain cases. Out of the many other factors; Skill building is a major area of work for an individual to be able to resolve a problem. If skill building takes place successfully, chances of the same issue cropping up are lesser. Although, issues of a similar nature may occur, this can be further managed by cultivating newer strategies and skills.

E.g. Lets say you recovered from a hand injury due to some accident. The way it is impossible to ensure that there will be no other accident in your life; similarly one can’t ensure that an individual once recovered cannot face any issue ever again or the same issue.

Myth 5. If people see a therapist they are mad and have severe issues

Fact: Issues may be of different levels for people. However, there are many who simply see a therapist for the purpose of goal accomplishment or motivation and related things. Going to a therapist need not imply that an individual has a severe disorder

Myth 6. Only weak people go to a therapist or a psychiatrist

Fact: Mental illness is caused by genetic, biological, social and environmental factors. Seeking and accepting help is a sign of strength.

Myth 7. Children can’t have issues, they don’t need to visit therapists

Fact: In cases of behavioural and emotional difficulties with children, different approaches like play therapy, REBT, art therapy and some more customised approaches can be utilised.

In some cases, illnesses first appear when the person is young. Mental illnesses may look different in children than in adults but they do occur. If they are helped at an earlier stage, it becomes easier for them to have better lives as adults.

Myth 8. Mental illness cannot affect everyone

Fact: Let’s hope for the best for ourselves. Even if we may not be feeling anything but it’s very likely that a family member, friend, or co-worker is going through a tough time

Myth 9. Only medication works and no therapy is required

Fact: The course of treatment differs from case to case. In some you need therapy in some medication and in some both. All of it works, provided it is done appropriately.

Myth 10. People with psychological issues can’t work

Fact: it is a possibility that at times during a tough period an individual may not be able to focus or give 100%. However, this need not be the case with everyone. Right support can help people and they can function as well as their co-workers. In most cases it is hard to identify whether the person is undergoing any therapy or treatment.