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Let's Talk Success - Talks

Let’s talk Success was a talk delivered by speaker Isha Sawant who is a psychotherapist and life
coach at the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and Related Sciences. The talk was delivered on 7th
June 2019 at ICHARS center (Andheri, Versova).

Setting goals has been proven to be an effective way to manage and measure success. The main
objective of this talk was to help participants achieve success through effective goal setting.
Other objectives included the following:
✔ Developing focus and direction towards goals
✔ Creating clearly defined goals
✔ Devising a workable action plan
✔ Creating a benchmark to determine whether one is succeeding
✔ Learning how to sustain positive mental and physical state

Target audience
Participants consisted of adults and young adults with a non-psychology background.

Participants will gain the following outcomes:
✔ learning to set clearly defined goals
✔ creating a workable action plan
✔ learning how to deal with unconscious hindrances
✔ assessment of goals and actions
✔ Sustaining a positive psychological and physiological state

The talk began with an activity to make participants realise the importance of goals.
Then the talk proceeded with the first principle of success which is “well-defined outcome”.
Participants were informed about certain dos and don’ts about framing an outcome. Once they
understood all the rules to abide by while setting an outcome, they were given time to write
anyone outcome accordingly.

In the second principle, they were told to create a workable action plan (task list). Again, some
tips were given to do the same.
Participants were also explained the importance of initiating tasks by self. This principle though
is common sense one but is really important. Some people make their tasks completely depended
on someone else. Because of this people don’t really initiate tasks by themselves. This
constituted the 3rd principle of success.
They were also told to run an “ecology check” on all their tasks and the goal. Ecology check is
basically checking if the goal is taking one away from some other equally important goal. They
were given enough time to do this check on their task list.
The 5th principle of success was listing down of resources both internal and external required to
complete each task. They were told to do this for every task.
6th principle focused on teaching them the importance of taking actions.
Next principle focused on informing them about the importance of being sensorily aware of the
results of every task .i.e. to check if every task is taking towards the outcome. This was the 7th
principle of success which was sensory acuity.
In the 8th principle, participants were explained the necessity of being behaviourally flexible when
one action is not leading towards the goal. Participants were made to realise that when we are not
able to achieve a certain goal, it makes sense to assess the task list and make changes if
necessary instead of giving up on the goal altogether.
The final principle known as psychological and physiological excellence focused on teaching
them the importance of being in the right mental and physical state while achieving success.
The talk ended by doing a hypnotherapy technique called the circle of excellence. This technique
focused on imparting in them the right mental and physical state needed to achieve the goal.

The talk ended by solving all the queries that they had about the techniques or concepts covered
during the talk. Feedback and suggestions for improvement about the talk were also taken from
the participants.

isha sawant