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People have myths not just about mental health but also mental health practitioners

Here is a list of different myths about the professionals of the mental health field:

Myth 1. All mental health experts give medication

Fact: Only psychiatrists (doctors) are eligible to prescribe any drugs. A counsellor or a therapist is a non-medical person and cannot provide medication

Myth 2. Mental health experts never face any hard times, they are professionals after all

Fact: This is like saying a dentist can never have a cavity because he/she is a dentist. Mental health experts too have emotional issues; they may also seek help from other experts for the same. They are humans like everyone else

Myth 3. Anyone with a degree in psychology is a practitioner

Fact: They are multiple fields in Psychology. A person may have a degree; however that does not imply that the person is and must be a practitioner. He/she could into research, academics or something else.

Myth 4. Therapy is advising, all the practitioners tell you what to do and what not to do

Fact: This is the biggest myth! Therapy is NOT advising. Your counsellor/therapist would help you to become aware of your outcomes and way to get there. You will be supported and helped to identify thoughts, feelings and behaviours that may need modifications or changes so that you can reach from where you are to where you wish to be.

Myth 5. You can just see a therapist and the therapist does it all to resolve your issue

Fact: Therapy is a two way process irrespective of the school of thought followed by him/her. Active participation from clients is a must for any therapy to succeed and produce lasting results.

Myth 6. Any treatment or therapy lasts for years

Fact: In most cases for a visible change to be noticed, it takes only a few months and at times a few days. There are cases where it can take longer, yet not all issues take a year to resolve.

Myth 7. It’s too embarrassing to bump into your therapist when you are with people who don’t know about your issue

Fact: Therapists would not come forward like friends to greet and reveal your secrets to others friends you’re sitting with. Your therapist won’t acknowledge you publicly till you don’t acknowledge them. You could also make this very clear to them when you visit.

Myth 8. Because I was rude to my therapist after he/she pointed out something about me, I can’t call him/her again

Fact: You can always call your therapist after a disagreement or an argument. They do understand that you may have felt uncomfortable or disagreed to something

Myth 9. My therapist/ psychiatrist would discuss me with other people and may make fun of me

Fact: Therapy is confidential. Your therapist/psychiatrist would not discuss about you, it is their job to keep your information under wraps.

Myth 10. Taking therapies and working around people with issues can lead to a strenuous life

Fact: Mental health experts are trained professionals.