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Procrastination “ Yesterday you said Tomorrow” - Talk

This talk was delivered by Miss Devanshi Thakkar , psychotherapist, and Life Coach. The
talk was delivered on 31 st May 2019 at ICHARS centre.

Objectives :  We often promise ourselves to start something new, to complete something which we left
midway, but often this comes with doing it tomorrow and many times this tomorrow never comes. And when we don’t do have we promised ourselves we feel guilty and this pattern continues. This 2 hour talk enlightened participants to with regards to how to overcome procrastination and start working for that very moment. The following are the objectives of the talk.
 To identify “drivers “of procrastination.
 Learn “Why” behind procrastination.
 What are various effects of procrastination.
 Learn about personal and professional relationships in procrastination.
 Learn When and How of procrastination.
 Awareness of complete road map to overcome procrastination.

Target audience: Participants in early and middle adulthood attended the talk.

Outcome : Most of the time people take various steps to not procrastinate and do things on
time. but when it comes to execution they are not able to take any steps. The outcomes that
participants gained from the talk are as follows,
 Correct false assumptions and rules which we often hold while procrastinating.
 Identify the type of procrastinator they are from 4 types of procrastination.
 Make a complete road map to overcome procrastination.

Description :  The talk began with the definition of procrastination. Further they were informed how this habit of procrastination develops in early childhood. This habit of later becomes part of our daily life in general without our realisation. With this habit we make our own rules and assumptions and often this rules and assumptions are made on false beliefs. This was made aware to the participants.
Participants were also made to realise different styles in which we generally procrastinate things. They were made aware that while procrastinating, its not that we don’t do anything but we substitute that particular thing with other thing which has low priority. This automatically gives us a sense that we are not wasting our time and doing something. To this most of the participants agreed. This formed the part of activities that we do while we procrastinate things.
They were also taught what drives us to procrastinate things. For instance procrastinators overestimate the time in which they can complete the particular task, assume that they are not in the right frame of mind to start with the task. And one of the main assumptions which drive procrastinators is “ we work better under pressure”.
The talk proceeded further with why we procrastinate things, participants were made aware about various reasons such as Fear of Failure, Fear of Success and so on. The turnover of the talk was making participants realise that the thrill we get when we complete our tasks at the end moment, is often related to low self esteem.
The talk proceeded towards its end with Road map to Overcome procrastination. This road map taught participants various strategies to overcome procrastination. And many times we are not able to execute our plan of action due to various thoughts and emotions. To deal with these thoughts and emotions participants were taught very effective technique called “TOTE”. They were made to write down any one thing that they frequently procrastinate about. And were made to work on that thing during talk.

Closure: all the queries of the participants regarding techniques or concepts were solved.
Feedback about the talk from the participants were taken.procrastination